Adirondack Water Sports

Spend your days enjoying water sport activites on Lake Abanakee.

All of our properties come with fishing boats, 4 kayaks, canoes and now 2 stand up paddle boards.


Canoeing is the perfect way to revel in the peaceful surroundings when exploring the nature filled region that surrounds Lake Abanakee. From your canoe you can see the magnificent wooded regions surrounding the many lakes and rivers in the area, as well as many different forms of wildlife such as fish and deer. The Adirondacks are home to New York State’s only designated canoe wilderness area, the St. Regis Canoe Area, which spans 18,400 acres. Ideal for overnight canoe camping trips, St. Regis offers a network of lakes and ponds with opportunities for portaging and continued exploration, as well as 75 primitive tent sites, and three lean-tos.


Yet another way for visitors to enjoy the great outdoors, kayaking is ideal for those looking to see the region from the water. For extreme whitewater kayakers, the Adirondacks offer routes that few have conquered, including Hanging Spear Falls on the Hudson River. Fortunately, the Adirondacks offer thousands of miles of flatwater paddling for novices. Explore gentle ponds and shorelines home to water fowl, or try a sea kayaking adventure on Lake Champlain, paddling out to Valcour Island, or rise at dawn to watch the sun rise over the water.

White Water Rafting

If a relaxing and soothing boat trip is not your idea of a vacation, why not have some adrenalin pumped through your veins?

About fifteen minutes from the rental lake house, the Wild Waters Outdoor center offers thrilling white water rafting trips for both experienced as novice rafters. The rafting trips are managed by experienced and professional guides to lead you through the wildest rivers of the New York state. Kayak in the Adirondack region or have a true Hudson white water adventure. The Hudson River Gorge rafting trip is considered as the very best white water experience in the Adirondack region. You’ll get to tackle class III to V rapids on this monumental river. The video above will give you a good idea of what it’s like.

Local companies offering white water rafting

Adventure Sports Rafting Company

Adirondac Rafting Co.

Wild Waters Outdoor Center

Stand Up Paddle Boarding

Another great family water activity on the lake is stand up paddling. This type of surfing is different from traditional surfing as stand up paddle boarders stand on their board and use paddles to move through the water. Since you don’t actually need huge waves to move forward, this activity is seen as more family-friendly. We dare you to have a go.

Paddle boarding through the Adirondack water system is an amazing way to immerse yourself in the area’s natural brilliance. From above the crystal clear water, visitors can easily spot wildlife both in and out of the lakes and streams. Paddle boarding is great for your fitness, and is also extremely relaxing. Visitors to the area can easily explore on a paddle board, whether it be independently or with one of the many guided tours offered, and if the temperature is warm enough, they can bring along bathing suits to enjoy swimming in the refreshing water.

Here’s a video explaining the basics


With plenty of places to swim in the Adirondacks, come visit our hundreds of ponds and lakes and thousands of miles of rivers and streams, and see why the Adirondacks is nature’s water park. Hike to a remote pond and make it your own, find rivers and streams where the rock is worn so smooth you can slide down it, or plan a day at one of our public beaches complete with designated swimming areas, life guards and a 360 Adirondack panoramic view.