Fishing Lake Abanakee

Three of our properties offer direct access to high-quality fishing on the quiet waters of Lake Abanakee.

Catch a variety of fish from Northern Pike, Largemouth Bass, Smallmouth Bass and Yellow Perch.

Lake Abanakee is a shallow, 4 mile long body of water located between Indian Lake and the Hudson River. Throughout the lake you will find a series of small islands, exposed and subsurface structure, and a variety of weed beds which hold good numbers of Northern Pike, Largemouth Bass, and Smallmouth Bass.

We have put together a collection of information that will help you whether you are a avid angler or a complete beginner.


How to Catch Em’

Wake up early and have your coffee ready because on Lake Abanakee the early bird gets the worm! The combination of super clear water and an average depth of only 12 feet means that low light conditions are essential to your success on the water. We recommend fishing in the early morning and late in the evening when water visibility is at a (safe) minimum. Fishing on bright clear days is extremely difficult, but if there is cloud cover and a little chop on the water you can have success from sun up to sun down.


No matter where you go on the lake you will find a nice mix of Pike and Bass. Lake Abanakee does not hold a huge quantity of fish, but you will be very pleased with the size and quality of fish that you do catch. Depending on the time of year and the conditions you can catch fish using a variety of methods and techniques. We encourage you to cover lots of water using weedless swim baits near weed beds and submerged structure. If that yields no results do not hesitate to throw soft plastic jigs at the shoreline or shallow diving crank baits in the open water.

In terms of equipment, we highly recommend you to use a 6’6”-7’4” medium-heavy fast action spinning or casting rod with a medium sized reel and a fast gear ratio. Spool your reel with 14-20 lb. braided line and be sure to add a steel leader to avoid losing your lures to the razor sharp teeth of the Northern Pike. This is a proven and versatile set up that will allow you to make long casts and it will give you the backbone to pull in hard fighting fish through any kind of cover.


The Billy

The Billy

Included in your stay at Pike Point is our fishing boat The Billy. The Billy is a shallow draft 14ft. aluminum Sea Nymph boat complete with a Minn Kota trolling motor for your family and friends to adventure around this unique fishery.

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